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Are we Muslim?

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Muslim in our daily life.

Malaysia is a Muslim majority country and about 60% of Malaysian are Muslim. This simply means that for every 3 Malaysian, one would be Muslim. The fact is something to be proud of statistically, but in reality it’s different. Most of us claim that we are Muslim but the truth is, not many of us realize the true meaning behind the word ‘Muslim’ that we spell everyday. For us, Muslim is just another word, though it’s more than that. The word ‘Muslim’ carries a very deep meaning for us.(i’m not going to tell you, go  check it  for yourself) It’s not just a title that we can give to anyone but we must earn it.

To make it simple and understandable, let just say that one day, 3 Christian men approach you. They are very keen to know more about Islam. Through divine intervention, all of a sudden they feel like they want to better  understand Islam. These men know the fact that you are Muslim and they ask you this simple questions,

“Islam tu ape bang?”

Some of us feel comfortable to answer this questions. They manage to explain the meaning in a correct and subtle way that eventually convince these 3 Christian men the beauty of  Islam.

However, i believe that most of us will then realize that we just don’t know the answer and all sort of rubbish started to come out from our mouth just to justify our ignorant.

“Errrrr, Islam tu Islam la”

“Sembahyang cukup 5 waktu kira Islam la”

“Oww Islam tak boleh pegang babi”

“Tanya ustad la, mana aku tahu”

If these appear to be the answer, we really have to be ashamed of ourselves. Born in a Muslim majority country, received Islamic education as early as 8 years old (standard 1) , and some of us even manage to score A in Pendidikan Islam (PMR and SPM). Does this means that after 10 years of formal education in Islam (standard 1 to form 5), in the end, we got almost nothing. If this is the case, I think there are only 2 possible explanations;  we are born to be dumb or perhaps there are others circumstances which are beyond my imagination.

We knew Lady Gaga, Kate Perry, Metallica, Diana Danielle and even Maria Ozawa. We manage to memorize songs from our favorite artists. We are proud to be up-to-date on new gossips involving celebrities. We are more concerned with Anwar Ibrahim, Bersih II, Najib Razak and maybe his ‘ beautiful ‘ wife Rosmah. We can talk about politics for hours and stay up late for football matches. The list goes on and on. But how many of us really know about our own religion and how many of us have the time  with Allah (s.w.t)? What is Islam all about, what it is made up of, and sometimes we don’t even bother to know why we choose to be Muslim. I’m not trying to teach us to be Ustad, Tahfiz or Alim Ulama. I know for some of us that will be far-fetched. I just want each one of us (including me) to devote our time and try to contemplate and understand Islam from its root. The key is ‘try’. It’s embarrassing  to be ignorant about our own religion. I’m sure, out there, there are enough resources for us to better understand Islam be it books, ceramah or Ustad and Ustazah. We just have to realize our responsibility towards our own religion and take the first step. The rest will be the most interesting experience in our life, rest assured.


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