shut up and listen to me!

Don’t be stupid!

In Uncategorized on July 2, 2011 at 8:35 am

BERSIH 2 rally is the new political game by our ‘beloved’  leaders. There are some  speculations about this upcoming event on this 9th of July. Some say it’s our right and they call it freedom of speech. Some are against this rally saying that it’s just another dirty work by the oppostion to manipulate Malaysian and spark chaos. I’m not really interested to prove who is wrong or who is right. After all, in the end i got nothing. None of this political dispute will bring anything good for me.

This article is just for STUDENTS!


If you’re thinking of:

  1. Getting a good kick start in your career
  2. Having a more secure future

Then please stay away from this Bersih.


You may not want to be caught by police. They can jail you and even worst once you’re caught, your name will not come clean. They have this record keep  and  I don’t think you want to show this during your working interview. Every company you go will be reluctant to pick you because of this record and you can’ hide it. Maybe joining Bersih is not a big deal for you. Think again. Please don’t risk your future, it’s way more important than anything else.  In the end, when you’re in trouble, struggling to get work, Ambiga will not going to come and help you. You’re on your own.

No matter what sides are you in, please think of your future. Let the foolish go on with their foolishness, and be smart enough to laugh at them from far.


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