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Mask of lies.

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“Self-esteem is a term used in psychology to reflect a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. Self-esteem encompasses belief (for example, “I am competent”, “I am worthy”) and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. Self-esteem can apply specifically to a particular dimension (for example, “I believe I am a good writer and I feel happy about that”) or have global extent (for example, “I believe I am a bad person, and feel bad about myself in general”).”

In layman term, self-esteem just simply means the degree of acceptance towards oneself. It means how we accept ourselves just the way we are. It means we are happy with what we have. We embrace our weaknesses and take it as a part of ourselves. We feel worthy. We stop comparing ourselves with others because we know we are special. We feel very good and we never feel inferior towards other for what they have. We love ourselves just the way we are, now and forever.

Self esteem can’t be build through designer clothes, BB, Ipad, cool friends, hot girlfriends and even heavy make-up. Self esteem are born deep inside our heart and mind when we start to accept ourselves. There are lot of people out there, always feel insecure about themselves. They always want to be like others. Psychologically, this type of people just want to be accepted by their society.They are afraid to be left behind and they will try even anything to gain acceptance. That’s why we could see some students are willing to fast just to buy expensive phone. Some use their scholarship to buy pricey clothes. Some prefer to eat in McDonald, Carl’s Junior or any other classy restaurant even though there are lot of cheap stalls near them. Some even get very picky in choosing friends. ‘Friend’ must be rich and ‘cool’ and with their own popular clique. Girls must be hot and pretty also from their own popular clique. They don’t want to have friends from Perlis, Kedah, Penang or even Kelantan because this countries’ slang suck! They will not look ‘cool’ with Kedahians or Kelantanese. Only Kl-ians (HAHAHA) could be their friends and are ‘cool’ enough for them. English would be their medium of communication regardless of their poor grammar and funny pronunciation. They keep saying ‘OMG’ over and over again because that’s the only word they know, I guess.

You can do anything you want to do in your life. It’s your right. You can buy, wear and eat anything that you want as long as you can afford to pay (or your PARENT can afford you). If you couldn’t afford to have this type of life but still you want to look ‘cool’, go ahead. Government can pay you through scholarship for your expensive phone. Your parent could give you all the money you needed after working so hard for your expensive clothes. Your friends would love to borrow you their money for your lavish meals. Everyone will help you to  be ‘cool’. Everyone want to be ‘cool’!

But what if you have no more scholarship money. What if your parent couldn’t afford to support you. What if your friends don’t want to borrow you their money. What are you going to do? You must look ‘cool’. You can steal! No one would know.

The consequent is rather terrible. Please don’t be a moron. Please accept  yourselves the way you are. Each one of us are very unique in our own way. Some are pretty, some are handsome, some are tall, some are short and the list goes on. Be proud of yourselves. Be proud of your origin, appearance and your parent.A true friend never really care where you’re from, what do you wear or speaks. They just like and accept everything about you. Don’t tell me your self worth, self-esteem and confident is dependent on other people’s perception and opinions towards you.  No one going to accept you if you can’t accept yourself. It’s easy.

Don’t try to be what you don’t want to be or not capable to be. Please accept yourselves.


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